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Meet Lola

DSC09832 2.jpg

Will you be my forever home?

DOB: 3/23/2024

Expected Adult Weight: 45-50lbs

Price: $3000

Training: Bootcamp Phase I

Go Home Date: Now

Next Training: Bootcamp Phase II

Go Home Date Phase II: July 15, 2024


Lola is a delightful Siberian Husky puppy, sporting a gorgeous gray and white coat that's as soft as a cloud. With her endearing personality, she easily captures the hearts of everyone she meets. This sweet girl craves attention and affection, always vying to be the center of your world. She's a people pleaser through and through, her happiness intertwined with yours. Lola's playful nature adds joy to every moment; she's always up for a game or some fun interaction.
Lola's adaptability means she would thrive in any loving home, bringing happiness and warmth wherever she goes. Remarkably, she's also a great match for households with cats, as she respects their space and gets along famously with them.
Prepare yourself for an onslaught of affection if you bring Lola into your life; she's a master at doling out kisses and snuggles, making every moment spent with her a pure delight.



Training: Phase I

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