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Meet Max

siberian husky puppies for sale trained in illinois chicago, wisconsin, michigan, indiana, nationwide USA

Will you be my forever home?

DOB: 3/23/2024

Expected Adult Weight: 45-50lbs

Price: $3000

Training: Phase I Bootcamp

Gender: Male


Max is a striking Siberian Husky puppy with a beautiful black and white coat that makes him stand out in any crowd. His medium energy level perfectly matches his adventurous spirit, as he's always eager to explore the world around him.
With a touch of independence mixed with unwavering loyalty, Max is a fascinating blend of freedom and devotion. While he enjoys his solo adventures, he's never far from his family's side, ready to shower them with affection and companionship.
Max's playful nature shines through as he frolics with his siblings, especially when he's climbing on his slide or engaging in spirited games. He thrives in a pack environment, cherishing the company of both humans and fellow canines.
This handsome pup is adaptable and versatile, making him a wonderful addition to any home. With his charming personality and love for exploration, Max is sure to bring boundless joy and endless adventures to your family.



Training: Phase I

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