Huskies With Finesse

Our Legacy

It all started when I realized my Husky owned me. I can never say no to those gorgeous blue eyes (or brown). I am sure all Husky owners can relate! The love we have for this dog breed goes beyond any words. We have over ten years of breeding experience. We breed for health, temperament, and conformation. All our dogs are family to us. They are raised to be family pets only. We never leave our Huskies alone or unsupervised. We literally treat them as our own children! After spending 365 days with our pack year after year, we have become Siberian Husky experts. We want our pups to go to only the best homes possible that have the patience to understand what it means for a husky to own them.  They will teach you about yourself, give you unconditional love, but best of all they will make you laugh with their silly quirks everyday. Dogs are family, they are never considered anything less and this is the legacy I would love to pass down to those potential homes for our pups. 
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