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Bootcamp: Phase I


Welcome to Phase I of our puppy bootcamp training program. By the time your puppy reaches 6 weeks of age to 9 weeks of age, your puppy will be introduced to our puppy core values: Consistency, Respect and Excellence.

In this phase, your puppy will be familiarized with family life by being introduced to common household noises and objects, people, kids, and other animals. Throughout the program, they will learn basic verbal and non-verbal commands, such as clicker training, making it easier for you to continue advanced training at home.


By the completion of this phase, your puppy will have approximately 100 hours of training under their belt, leaving them with a strong baseline to continue further training and 100% comfortable in a family setting! 


Animals: Your puppy will be introduced to family cats and dogs, giving them confidence to socialize with any dog or cat they meet in the future.  

Environmental: Your puppy will be comfortable in a family setting. They will be able to relax with you in your living room and without jumping all over your furniture

Acclimation to noises: They will also be familiar with common household noises (vacuum, T.V, etc.)

Water: Your puppy will be introduced to pool time. They will not be expert swimmers, but their fear of water will be very minimal. 

Vet: Your puppy will not be afraid to be examined and handled by a veterinarian. 

Travel: will be introduced to car rides. 


Food Manners: Your puppy will be able to wait for you to give the command “Okay” to start eating. 

Leash Familiarization: Your puppy will be comfortable wearing a harness and collar. They will be introduced to walking on a slip lead. 

Resource Guarding: Your puppy will be introduced to resource guarding prevention through positive reinforcement.

Sit: Your puppy will be able to sit using verbal and non-verbal commands.

Clicker Training: Your puppy will be able to associate a “click” with a treat. 

The only Trained huskies Nationwide

What makes us different is that all our Siberian Husky puppies are raised in a family setting and trained for family life.