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Bootcamp: Phase II


Phase II of our puppy boot camp training program encompasses all the socialization skills and behavioral training from Phase I and an additional 200+ hours (4 weeks) of extra training. In phase II, your puppy will have mastered all the skills learned in Phase I and will have advanced behavioral training.


During Phase II, your puppy will have access to more areas of our home. They will know to sit or laydown next you during kitchen time and respect personal space. Your puppy will also be able to walk with you with minimal tension on the leash.


In this Phase, your puppy will have reached a critical time in their lives, where consistency and repetition is instilling positive habits for the future. By the completion of phase II, your puppy will be approximately 4 months old and AKC S.T.A.R Puppy certified (the foundation for AKC Canine Good Citizen).


Animals: Your puppy will know how to greet another dog with minimal excitement.

People: Your puppy will be free of fear or aggression towards people. They will allow people to pet and hug them.  

Environmental: Your puppy will be able to sit with you in the kitchen without begging for food. 

Water: Your puppy will be confident and happy playing in the water. This best suits families who like to take trips to the beach or lake. 

Grooming: Your puppy will be accustomed to routine grooming, including nail clippings, ear cleaning, teeth cleaning and bathed.

Travel: Your puppy will be able to travel in the car with you while remaining quiet in their crate. They will be desensitized to car ride motions. 

Noise Desensitization: Your puppy will be desensitized to common household noises and urban life noises, including people laughing and talking, cars passing by, train noises, thunderstorms and fireworks. 


Food Manners: Your puppy will be able to wait for you to give the command “Okay” to start eating. 

Leash Training: Your puppy will be able to walk next to you with minimal pulling and excitement. Your puppy will be comfortable walking using a slip lead and be able to stay on leash with another person. 

Crate Training: Your puppy will be able to remain in the crate for 2-3 hours during the day and up to 6 hours at night. 

Resource Guarding: Your puppy will allow you or children to take away any treat, bone, food, or toy away. 

Sit: Your puppy will be able to sit using verbal and non-verbal commands.

Down: Your puppy will be able to lay down on command.

Come: Your puppy will be able to come to you on command from 5 feet away.

The only Trained huskies Nationwide

What makes us different is that all our Siberian Husky puppies are raised in a family setting and trained for family life.