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Bootcamp: Phase III


Phase III is our final and most advanced training phase of our puppy bootcamp program. In addition to everything learned in Phase I and Phase II, your puppy will be completely house trained. At this stage, your puppy will be able to put all skills learned into action, making the transition easy from our home to yours!

Phase III encompasses an additional 8 ½ weeks of training (over 700+ hours). During Phase III, your puppy will begin reaching maturity, allowing them to concentrate and train for longer periods of time. Leading up to the completion of Phase III, your puppy will learn the skills required to be a Good Canine Citizen and amazing family pet.


By the end of this phase, your puppy will earn the title of AKC Canine Good Citizen (The gold standard for polite dog behavior). Earning the title of AKC CGC, is a good starting point for potential therapy or service dogs. 


Spay/Neuter: Your puppy will be spayed and neutered before completing phase III. 

Animals: Your puppy will be able to greet other dogs without over excitement or fear


People: Your puppy will calmly greet people and allow petting/hugs. Your puppy will also be able to be left alone with a trusted individual. 


Kids: Your puppy will respect personal space and not lounge on kids


Public: Your puppy will be able to go inside pet friendly stores without getting overly stimulated and minimally distracted. S/he will also be able to move politely in pedestrian traffic and public places


Environmental: Your puppy will be able to be left home alone without separation anxiety and be able to relax with you in any area of your home. In addition, your puppy will be non-reactive to excessive barking from neighborhood dogs. 


Groomer Approved: Your puppy will be accustomed to routine grooming, including: acclimation to a high velocity blow dryer, nail clippings, ear cleaning, teeth cleaning and being soaked in water and shampoo. 


Travel: Your puppy will be able to travel in the car with you while remaining in the back seat


Noise desensitization: Your puppy will be desensitized to common household noises and urban life noises, including; people laughing and talking, cars passing by, train noises, thunderstorms and fireworks. 


Food manners: Your puppy will be able to wait for you to give the command “Okay” to start eating. 


Potty Training: Your puppy will know to eliminate itself outdoors.


Leash/collar: Your puppy will be able to walk next to you with a loose leash 


Crate: Your puppy will know the command “crate” and be able to sleep through the night in the crate 


Wait: Your puppy will know the command “wait.” This is critical to prevent dogs from bolting out of open doors.  


Resource guarding: Your puppy will allow you or children to take away any treat, bone, food, or toy.


Off: Your puppy will know the command “off.” This can be used to teach your puppy boundaries inside your home


Sit: Your puppy will be able to sit using verbal and non-verbal commands


Down: Your puppy will be able to lay down on command


Come: Your puppy will be able to come to you on command from 10 feet away

The only Trained huskies Nationwide

What makes us different is that all our Siberian Husky puppies are raised in a family setting and trained for family life.