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Bootcamp Training Program

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At HuskiesWithFinesse, we provide training that goes beyond the basic “sit,” “down”, “stay.” Although teaching commands are great for obedience, we understand the importance of preparing each puppy for everyday family life – whether its downtown in the city or a quiet neighborhood in the suburbs. Our Puppy Bootcamp training program does just this. Through our intensive socialization and conditioning program, we create puppies that are familiar being in a family setting.


What does this mean? It means your puppy will have the emotional and behavioral skills needed to adapt to your family’s lifestyle. They will be ready for calm walks at the park, calm interactions with children, family time in the living room, manners at dinner time and social interactions outside of home. 


Life is more than just obedience training. It’s about creating and enjoying moments and experiences with family. That’s why our training program focuses on creating confident puppies ready to be part of family life with you! 

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Phase 1

Phase I of our puppy boot camp sets the principles for the basic learning essentials a puppy requires for advanced training. In this phase, your puppy will be introduced to the basics of family life through positive reinforcement, giving their confidence a boost. This sets a great foundation for you to continue reinforcing behaviors and advancing in further training. This option best suits anyone who is an experience dog owner and has the time to invest in further training with their new puppy.

Price:                                                                $3,000

                             Includes Price of Puppy


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Phase 2

Phase II of our puppy bootcamp focuses on advanced family life training. In Phase II your puppy begins putting behavioral advanced training into action, making them more prepared and confident to conquer everyday family living. By the end of Phase II, your puppy will have received their AKC S.T.A.R. puppy certification (The foundation for AKC Canine Good Citizen Program). If you are looking for a puppy that is prepared for family life or are an inexperienced dog owner, then this option is for you. 

Price:                                                                $5,000

                             Includes Price of Puppy


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Phase 3

Phase III of our puppy boot camp program is our final and most advanced training phase. Here, your puppy has mastered almost every lifestyle situation, including being housebroken. By the completion of this phase, your puppy will have earned the Canine Good Citizen Title (The gold standard for polite dog behavior), giving you the confidence your puppy is prepared to take on the world ! If you are looking for a puppy that has a solid training foundation and is ready to be any families life long companion, then this option is best for you.  

Price:                                                                $9,000

                             Includes Price of Puppy

Phase 1

Bootcamp: Phase I


Welcome to Phase I of our puppy bootcamp training program. By the time your puppy reaches 6 weeks of age to 9 weeks of age, your puppy will be introduced to our puppy core values: Consistency, Respect and Excellence.

In this phase, your puppy will be familiarized with family life by being introduced to common household noises and objects, people, kids, and other animals. Throughout the program, they will learn basic verbal and non-verbal commands, such as clicker training, making it easier for you to continue advanced training at home.


By the completion of this phase, your puppy will have approximately 100 hours of training under their belt, leaving them with a strong baseline to continue further training and 100% comfortable in a family setting! 

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Animals: Your puppy will be introduced to family cats and dogs, giving them confidence to socialize with any dog or cat they meet in the future.  

Environmental: Your puppy will be comfortable in a family setting. They will be able to relax with you in your livin