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Meet The Troublemakers



My eyes sparkle bright blue,

My cuteness will make you warm and fuzzy,

I want to constantly play with you,

Hope your ready for this high energy Husky,

Be cautious because I'll find a toy to chew,

I need your pup skills to be sharp and not rusty



Don't let my kisses play you for a fool, 

I will give you lots of affection for your time,

My beauty is perfection and might look cool, 

Don't let me get bored because what's yours is mine, 

Follow these rules and you'll be saying Husky's rule



I am a small package with a large attitude, 

Don't get me wrong I love to cuddle,

If you yell at me I will talk back and be rude,

Give me lots of playtime or else there will be trouble,

At anytime I want your attention I will always intrude,

I am a problem solver and can figure any puzzle

Meet The Sweethearts



A little shy at first but I love to play,

I will use my charm to get what I want,

No command will make me stay,

I love to stare and act nonchalant,

I am a needy girl and want to see you everyday,

I know I am cute and will definitely flaunt



I have a very cute red coat that I want you to pet, 

I know I can be submissive but I like to talk,

I will overpower you with affection you won't regret,

I have tons of energy I need more than a walk, 

I promise I am the sweetest pup you have ever met,

I'll wake early for some playtime no need for an alarm clock



I come off independent and aloof, 
Just give me a couple seconds to give you a kiss,

I chew toys a lot so make sure your home is puppyproof,

I love to eat food so make sure its a tasty dish,

I am a silly girl and an absolute goof,

You'll love my attention that you won't resist

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