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Meet Logan

husky puppies for sale chicago illinois and Wisconsin

Will you be my forever home?

DOB: 11/26/2022

Expected Adult Weight: 55-60lbs

Price: $1000

Bootcamp Program Phase I

Bootcamp: Phase I


Welcome to Phase I of our puppy bootcamp training program. By the time your puppy reaches 6 weeks of age to 9 weeks of age, your puppy will be introduced to our puppy core values: Consistency, Respect and Excellence.

In this phase, your puppy will be familiarized with family life by being introduced to common household noises and objects, people, kids, and other animals. Throughout the program, they will learn basic verbal and non-verbal commands, such as clicker training, making it easier for you to continue advanced training at home.


By the completion of this phase, your puppy will have approximately 100 hours of training under their belt, leaving them with a strong baseline to continue further training and 100% comfortable in a family setting! 

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