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   I bet you are looking for head turning Siberian Husky puppy? Look no further. Who can say no to those beautiful blue-eyed monsters? We know we can't, I have a whole pack of them. Everyone knows the Siberian Husky breed just based off their gorgeous looks and sociable temperaments. As one of the nation's top husky breeders you can have one of these huskies own you. Yes, I said, own you, it's a husky thing. I'll explain later. 

   At HuskiesWithFinesse we take pride at being the best. We prioritize health, nutrition, and providing our puppies with the best environment for them to thrive in. 

  We know how difficult it is for puppies to transition into a new environment and with a new family. That is why we only raise our puppies in our home and as part of the family. Because they are family reared our puppies leave our home as confident as can be. They are comfortable and familiar in a family home setting, whether it is out in the country or part of the city life. 

   Once our puppies receiver their first set of vaccines, around 8 weeks old, we integrate and socialize them with our other husky pack members. We know the importance for puppies to learn how to be part of a pack (Dog behavior) (Natural)

   We strongly believe that nature knows best! What better teacher for a puppy than another husky. This prevents dog aggression and over excitement with dogs. 

   After puppies wean off of their mother, we slowly integrate them to one of the best dog food brands on the market. We know how important nutrition is for our own bodies, why not have that same priory for our own furry family members? We believe that a strong immune system and top of the line human grade ingredients help build a very strong immunity. 

    Although huskies are generally a healthy breed, we still health check all our own breeding huskies. 


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