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I am a little Fireball of energy and will need lots of attention. Even though I am the smallest one of the litter, I am packed with an overload of energy.  I will want someone to give kisses to.  I have a beautiful red and white standard coat and will need someone to maintain it.  Will you be able to handle my cute blue eyes?




I am the Biggest Boy of the Bunch. I am a sweet boy who loves to cuddle. I am an easy going pup with medium energy and will be very easy to train with food. I love to eat with my eyes and you will capture my attention with treats. My black and white coat will be very luscious, as long as you are willing to comb it. Or I will just demand it from you. My Pale Blue eyes will persuade your decisions.






I am a drama queen who craves your attention. I have a medium energy level so I promise not to overwhelm you. I am the epitome of a Husky. My black and white coat will not pet itself.  You can see the blue sky in my eyes. I do love naps and will need you to take me to parks Everyday. I would love to be a part of your family but only if you can handle my demanding attitude.




Some people call me a trouble maker. I do like to stir up the pot. I am a very curious boy who will do well training. I am very attentive and I am a charmer. I love playing with my siblings. I hope that you can keep me grounded with training and exercising me. I have two blue eyes and a black and white coat. I do love food and that is why I am a chunk of fur. I hope you will love me for me. I am sweet and sour. 






I am a sweet submissive boy. I do have a rare red coat with two blue dreamy eyes. I am shy at first but I will open up if you baby talk me. I will come right up to you with an overload of kisses. I still need a family or other dogs around because I love to play with my siblings. 



I am the little model of the litter. I always want to climb on your lap to try to get your attention. I am not too hyper but not too lazy. I am just perfect. I am very playful and mischievous. I am very sweet and I can be a bit dramatic. I try to use my cute puppy eyes to beg for treats. I will only sit if you have a treat in hand. I am a lover who will get along with any family 




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